A Day in the Life…

While we haven’t been in Narva (or Narnia, as I was informed some fathers are referring to it as) for very long, it feels as though we are already getting into the swing of things! We have a basic schedule, which is supplemented by other, sometimes optional, excursions or events. So far, our days have been fairly busy:

  • ~0630: Wake up, go for a run, personal hygiene, etc.
  • ~0745: Head to the college
  • 0800: Breakfast! [bread, jam, tea, and another main dish, such as porridge or eggs]
  • 0900: Class begins, with 10 minute breaks every 50 minutes [we are split up into two groups: advanced and intermediate]
  • 1215: Lunch! [so far has been very good and consisted of three courses: soup, main dish with side, and a cinnamon roll for dessert]
  • 1300: Class resumes
  • 1345: Class ends
  • 1345: Depending on the night, could consist of a tour or cultural excursion, followed by free time, which is spent working on the ~three hours of homework, exploring the city, working out, or just relaxing
  • ~2300: Bedtime!

Our classes are structured differently from typical college courses; rather than changing topics every 50 minutes, we spend all of our class time working through our textbook, conversing with each other in Russian, or watching Russian music videos or films. This allows us to work constantly on our Russian, which is why many of us are already seeing huge improvements in our Russian language skills.

For our excursion today, we were able to tour Narva via bus.  We saw many military sites and learned about World War II in Narva.  We were also able to see more of the city we will be living in for the next few weeks, and we are excited to learn more in the weeks to come!

Миша / Teddi Moorman

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