Seagull Team 6

Coming to Narva with Project GO was a great decision.  Before leaving, I was on edge about spending my summer away from home for so long.  It has only been a week here and I already know this trip is a blessing.  So far, I love this program, city and the people I have met here.  Everybody on the trip are great individuals.  We are all like-minded, motivated students with a common goal of learning Russian.  I have already made some great friends that I really enjoy hanging out with.  The Squaaad is comprised of some of the coolest, brightest, best-looking and most fun dudes you can be a part of.  Because of them and the other people on the trip, I don’t feel homesick.  I am really thankful for those guys.

The first night here at the festival was awesome.  We ended up winning a tug-o-war championship as the “American Team.”  That night was filled with dancing and was a great opportunity to practice Russian.  I didn’t expect so many people to speak Russian in Estonia, but here in the Narva, Russian is the only tongue spoken.  This last weekend was a blast too.  I got to go swim in the Baltic which was an awesome experience.  Last night, I was attacked by some seagulls outside of our dorms.  Luckily, I had backup and 5 of us decided to have an all-out war against these birds.  The birds were pretty courageous as they flew right above our heads trying to hit us but in the end, we prevailed.  We drove the seagulls away using tactical, Seagull Team 6 strategies.  I have feeling we will see these seagulls again too.

Exploring Narva is great too.  The city has a great mixture of Communist-Soviet ugliness and natural beauty.  The residents of Narva are interesting too.  They are all fascinated with us as Americans and enjoy talking with us.  Yesterday a Polish man talked border politics with us and I would’ve never heard his perspective of things if I didn’t come on this trip.  This is the first time I’ve been out of the United States and while I miss my girlfriend, home and family, I love this place.  I might still be in the honeymoon phase but I am having a great time.  I have also profoundly improved on my Russian skills here too.  If this trip keeps going the way it has been, I’m going to have the time of my life.  Thanks!

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