Morning walks! And afternoon walks! and evening walks!

So as we are starting our second week I am thinking about everything that I noticed our first week here.

Before I left, I had looked up Narva just to know something about where it was I was going. I knew it was the third largest city in Estonia, so I figured that it would be a decent size. I had no clue that I was heading into a city with not only a lower population than my home town, but also that it was only 2 miles end to end. Despite this, I find myself walking more than I did at home.

Everywhere that we need to be requires us to walk a decent ways, so every trip to school or the store adds up. But this is probably more of a European thing anyway. With the old architecture, buildings are just regularly farther apart from each other. Also, although there are malls (2 in fact), they are still a decent walk  away. But with all of the trips we have to take around town, it is really helping us take in the sights of the landscape and old architecture.

All in all, this first week has been so much fun, it’ll be great to see how these next weeks go.


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