IT’S HUMPDAY! Happy Wednesday, we are officially well into week two, and going strong. So, impressions… prior to arriving in Narva, my experience in Eastern Europe was limited to a backpacking trip through Czech Republic and Slovakia. Although wonderful, Prague offered a wee bit of a different cultural experience than Narva does. Quiet, slower paced – similar to a suburb in the States. Whenever we walk back from class there a kids playing on the playgrounds, or kicking around a football. There are dogs sniffing and playing around in our “courtyard”, the field outside of our apartment. And there is the continued excitement of a potential rogue seagull swooping down on our heads.

We had our first rest day on Sunday, and made our way out to the beach! Bit chilly when the wind was blowing, but it was a great feeling to get out of the city and see the horizon again. The ever-present Russia was visible down the beach. Part of the group made their way to a hotel spa, while some stayed behind to get some necessary shopping done. Those of us on the beach enjoyed the sun while gathering the courage to jump in the water. Although not as cold as the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, the Baltic Sea was cold enough to require a healthy dose of willpower to dive in. Definitely a successful day! 🙂


Overall, a phenomenally awesome place to spend two months and interact with the locals to work on our Russian.

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