Я не понедельник?

We have just finished 3 weeks here on Project GO and I have had an amazing time.  I have profoundly improved my Russian skills and have made memories that will last me a lifetime.  I have really been blessed with this opportunity and everyday I am thankful for the trip.  What I think I’m most grateful is the group of guys and how close we have become thus far – Отряд.

One thing I have noticed is that I am much more comfortable speaking Russian to people I meet.  While I still mess up often, I can communicate ideas and have legitimate conversations with very interesting people.  For example, I had a conversation with a Russian man living here in Estonia who says “he has no country” – meaning that he is looked down upon in Russia for having Estonian ties but at the same time feels like he doesn’t belong in Estonia because of his Russian heritage.  Overall, I am significantly more confident in my Russian skills and I can’t wait to improve on them.

This past weekend in Tallinn could be a script for a Hollywood film.  The Old Town is jaw-dropping combined with a youthful, energetic and diverse city makes the capital of Estonia completely spectacular.  I was able to meet Ukrainians, Swedes, Finnish, French, Nigerian, Russian, Australian and Canadian people all in one night.  We even befriended a wild group of Welsh dudes who lived on the same floor as us in the Hostel.  I will never forget this past weekend.

I look forward to the next 5 weeks with eagerness and readiness to learn and to continue making memories.  I was on edge about going on this trip prior to it and if anyone in the future feels this way, listen to me, GO ON THIS TRIP.  Everything from lunch to the July 4th party in the castle has been awesome.  Being able to make great friends and memories while learning a critical language for your country, expense free, is incredible.  Everyday is surreal and I thank God I had tave he privilege to come here.  Слова Богу!

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