Free weekend

So this weekend was one of our last few ones left where we had nothing planned. Because this was probably one of their last opportunities, a large group of us went to Helsinki for the weekend. I decided to stay behind, I spent a little too much money last weekend anyway. Those who decided to stay in the dorm are mostly trying to catch up on sleep and enjoy our few days where we don’t have to be anywhere.

Midterms were today, they took the entirety of the day save for our Friday singing class after lunch. I can already tell that my Russian has improved so much over the course of this program and it is so nice to get so much practical usage when going about daily activities in the town.

Monday we have a trip planned where we get to go visit the prison and a mine. I have limited experience with both of these things so it will be fun to see what this trip has in store. Hard to believe we’re already halfway done with the program.

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One Response to Free weekend

  1. das200 says:

    Just a little FYI. At your guys’ level of Russian it’s often hard for students to sense their progress. That you are very aware of the big strides your making reveals that 1) we’re not talking about small incremental progress, but big steps and 2) that you guys are cognizant of your language learning. It may sound obvious, but the more you’re aware of your improvements (and of what still needs improving) the more successful you’re going to be. Too often, students just kind of bumble along with a class. So glad to hear that’s not the case in Narva!!


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