End of Midterms!

This Friday marked the beginning and the end of midterms and so we made the most of our free weekend. On Friday, a group of us left for Helsinki and enjoyed an awesome trip in beautiful Finland. The group that stayed behind relaxed and caught up on some much needed rest and relaxation. On Saturday it was a beautiful and warm day here in Narva so the group that stayed behind went to the beach. We enjoyed the always gorgeous view of the coastline and the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea. We impressed any Estonian watching with our mad Frisbee skills. We suntanned (but not really since the sun disappeared quickly after we arrived) while listening to soothing reggae music. We even got to see the lovely Kelly and Olga for a brief time as they passed us (apparently having had the same idea of relaxing on the beach)! We ended our beach time by making a well fortified sand mountain complete with a miniature American flag (because who doesn’t keep a tiny American flag on them at all times?). The Helsinki group returned early Sunday morning and were able to get a little bit of sleep before it was off to go do paintball. After a lot fun and bruises later, they returned exhausted and feeling victorious. Now it’s time for studying and laundry–the typically college Sunday. This next week is going to be extremely busy and exciting so for now we’ll relax while we can!11049548_10204412564065972_8590779563944458164_n

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