Happy Birthday Captain :)

Seeing from the title, today is someone’s birthday! Today is my rabbits birthday and I specifically chose today to be the day I write a post. To all who are curious he is a miniature caramel colored fuzzy lop with the whitest underbelly! But of course this is a blog about Narva and the intense Russian program here rather than my rabbits birthday so I will keep the rabbit comments short 🙂

Honestly speaking, Narva is a beautiful city. The streets may be cracked, and the weeds over flowing, but a the same time it feels like one of the most welcoming places I have ever been in! The people here are amazing, and their is a feeling of comfort and home when you walk past through the streets (we are actually on the topic of transitive verbs with prefixes so I can happily say I can write about my adventures, and destinations properly). The people I have met here are some of the coolest people I have ever met. The bonds made here are some things I want to continue creating in the future with other people. The one thing I value most is feeling like family among a group of friends and the people here – they truly are a family to me.

The natural born people here are also really welcoming to a conversation especially after finding out that you are American! I have even made friends with some of the Estonians, and they have been nothing but nice to us, showing us the different locations that as Americans, would not have been able to see otherwise! They even taught a couple of us how to play four square, but with soccer (definitely bringing it back to the states). Now the game sounds complicated but honestly, coming from someone who lacks any soccer talent, this game is the funnest game (sorry it is not a real word, but it perfectly describes game) I have ever played. Sometimes I even see friends in streets or I see their car and they greet you with a welcoming smile. It truly makes your day!

Now to the studies. I have experience in speaking mainly diminutives, slang, with improper conjugations, and a slow flow. I can happily say that is all mostly in the past! This program has definitely increased my level of sophistication within my conversations and even increased my knowledge about English grammar! The class has definitely been successful and I hope to show it in the OPI exam at the end of the program.

The excursions are simply fascinating. I have been to so many places, but my favorite by far was going to the mines (yesterday). I took so many photos! I only wish I could have explored more of the mine! They looked like those stereotypical movie mines, and boy are they awesome! I want to already write so much about this place, but I feel like the blog page would need a whole other site to be able to contain this information. So for now, I will come to a close, and talk about my excitement in the next blog post to be done 🙂

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One Response to Happy Birthday Captain :)

  1. das200 says:

    How wonderful to hear this enthusiasm! Please share your pictures of the mines!! Here or on the Facebook page. Would love to be able to see more of what you’re all doing!


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