Birthday in Narva / Tallinn Adventures!

Yesterday was my Birthday, and the second time I had a birthday while doing a Pitt summer Language program. I have a twin sister and this is the second time I am away from here on my birthday 😦 Every single time I thought it was going to be lonely away from home, but honestly, because of the people here, it truly is a home away from home and both times they have been awesome birthdays!


How can you not smile all the time when you are hanging out with guys like these! 😀 We all went to Tallinn and today is our second day here, and boy has it been an adventure! Everyone even wore matching shirts wherever we went and after a while people started recognizing the group for their shirts. It was awesome! I love these guys! A true family!


Then of course we had presidential debates! Jeremy (Медведь) ran for president and Jeff was his prime minister and I got to be his prime minister of defense during the debates…


You can say we looked pretty on point during the debates ;D all Russian, all the time!


We didn’t get the Prime Minister spots but Jeremy (Господин Президент Медведь 2015!!!) won the presidential candidacy! 🙂 Improved all the way through the candidacy too, it was awesome! I totally broke my bearing during these debates a little too many times…

Definitely one the funnest ways to spend a birthday! The week leading up to it has been great too and we got to visit a war museum that was really interesting. I wish I could show pictures but my camera was not with me at the time. Either way, this museum was awesome because unlike ones in America, we were able to pick up and hold the exhibit items. It’s sad that only two weeks are left from this program. It has truly been one of the best summers I have ever had, and I have had 20 of them thus far ;D

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