A Visit to Riga

Last weekend was our final opportunity to travel, and Marie, Jeff, Jamie, and I decided to make the most of it by taking a weekend trip to Riga, Latvia. It was a seven hour bus ride, but movies and wifi made it feel much shorter. We arrived in Riga around 10:30 pm on Friday, and then checked into our hostel. Cinnamon Sally’s Backpacker Inn was adorable, clean, comfortable, and the staff was friendly. We got to enjoy two wonderful evenings and all day Saturday in the city before our bus departed Sunday morning.

During the day Saturday, we took a walking tour of Riga. The tour focused on an area of the city called “Little Moscow”, which was interesting for us because Russian is spoken in this area. It also contains the largest market in Europe, selling everything from produce to flowers to dresses. Afterwards, we explored Riga’s Old Town, which was every bit as beautiful and charming as we had hoped. Though our visit was brief, we all agreed that we were glad we had taken the time to visit Riga and would go back if the opportunity presented itself. I only wish we could’ve stayed longer!         11817182_1021859851198936_1019721471672614510_n 11822824_1021781687873419_4348186130081573687_n

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