Interacting With Russians

It’s funny to see that in any social situation I put myself in with the ethnic Russians in Estonia I always somehow end up getting into a heated conversation about politics. The questions I get asked are the same “Why does US put their nose in everything?”, which is usually followed up by a very non-political correct statement about Honorable President Obama. After being involved in multiple political debates in one night I asked myself “Why do they care about America so much?” The average Russian in Narva literally believes that the U.S. wants to wage war with Russia and that our entire population hates Russians. I try to persuade them otherwise but the people here seem to be bred stubborn, (I do not mean to offend any body thus I will further explain).

Narva is a very unique case because it is made up of 95% ethnic Russians, with that being said it is on the lower side of Estonia’s social-economic pool. Narva’s biggest problems are with alcohol abuse, drugs, unemployment and a poor education system which are all contributing factors that explain why the ethnic Russians here are at a somewhat hostile state towards Americans. However, the biggest factor is propaganda, the people here do not follow up with Estonian or EU news, most of their information is given to them by Russian news (that is extremely tied to propaganda), which is extremely one sided. This propaganda highly influences peoples mind set especially their political beliefs/attitudes towards Americans.

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