As the final week approaches and I write my final blog post, I’m already getting reminiscent of my time here, and I haven’t even left yet! I’ve been very thankful for what I’ve had here, and I have some pictures to sum up some of the more interesting stories I’ve had thus far.


Very thankful that the Konkiro Muay Thai club allowed me to both practice with them and to accept me with such open arms. It’s not every day that you get to train alongside National and World qualifiers and champions. It’s truly a family that I accidentally found myself in, but in doing so I had some of the best experiences of my trip.


The dog above is “the chill dog”, Nyusha, and she’s a mutt, but also one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever met. Every day around 6-8 PM, I would stroll into the grass field next to our apartment and see Nyusha and her owner (a sweet old Russian woman) walking around. It started out with me simply asking if I was able to pet Nyusha every day, and evolved into me having nearly 30 min. conversations with Nyusha’s owner and other Russian dog owners in the vicinity. Just from this random encounter one day I was able to see and play with this dog every day and practice my Russian with her owner.


My beard is now approaching pirate status at the moment. I had a nightmare the other day that I’d have to shave it, and when I woke up, I realized that my nightmare will be a reality when I resume ROTC this September. Slowly dreading that fact as the trip comes to a close.

I hope to one day return to Estonia, and I know for a fact that the friends I have met here will stick with me for a lifetime.

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