Our Final Weekend before Final Projects and Final Exams

While the excursions are always a hoot, sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and relax. Although there was no planned excursion for this weekend, there was very limited kicking back and even less relaxing, as this week we have final projects and exams. As we look back at what we’ve accomplished this summer, some of us are starting to realize just how daunting it is to try to review for an exam that would cover nine months at a normal program, but which here is only reflective of the past eight weeks. I keep assuming that Russian will eventually run out of words to throw at us, but it fortunately hasn’t.

But it’s seriously astounding how far we’ve come in one summer. Between the starting OPI and today, the day where we take the final OPI, we’ve all grown so much as far as language is concerned. And while we still have a long way to go, the progress that we’ve made this summer should be reflected by today’s test. So we’re currently all relaxing, caffeinating up, and getting ready to metaphorically knock our OPI grader’s socks off.

To any students here who read this before taking their test: Good Luck

To any students here who read this after taking their test: I’m sure you didn’t need the luck.

To any non-students here who did not take the test: If you had taken the test, you’d have done great.

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